Tricision – Customer Targeting

targetingTricision, Inc. provides state-of-the-art Customer Targeting models for direct marketers. Our unique blend of analytical expertise and years of catalog marketing experience yields results that are extremely profitable, robust and cost effective. The primary benefits of Tricision models include:
  • Outstanding in-the-mail performance — if we don’t provide a lift over your current select, we won’t charge.
  • Automation — through our proprietary Marketing Analysis Automation Software (MAAS™), we can deploy and manage hundreds of models. Model coefficients are refreshed for each campaign to take advantage of the most recent transaction data. The automation provides:
    • Quick turnaround — we usually provide scores within 24 hours.
    • Outstanding operational characteristics — clients typically are able to shorten production lead times by one week or more.
  • Cutting-edge analytical techniques are utilized, with results tempered by business rules and sensibilities.
  • Accommodates a wide range of marketing inputs customized to the unique nature of your business, typically including:
    • RFM
    • Title Affinity
    • Merchandise Affinity
    • Seasonality
    • Channel
    • Discounting
    • Loyalty Programs & Clubs
    • Credit
    • Auxiliary data (Z24, Abacus, Next Action, iCentrix)
    • Remail & Marketing Cadence
    • Multi-hits